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by TheTot on 22/SEP/09 | Back to TheTot's Media

“So when my computer was recently improved (CPU speed mostly), I realized that I could probably play most of my old games that would never run on my old computer. As it turns out, Simcity 4 happens to be one of them -- A game I was thankfully reminded of after seeing one of you peeps post your own screenshot.

This is my first city since returning to the game. Not half bad considering I haven't played in a few years. The city has a steady population of 30,000 with little to no traffic congestion (yay for subways!). The city yields a steady 28% profit every month. I couldn't fit much more into the small map area, so I decided I was happy with the city and took a screen shot.

I'll be working on a larger plot of land for my next city.

And lastly...

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SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition

SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Simulation
Release Date: 22/SEP/03
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Not big on Sim City, but it looks like you've used every inch of land. lol
Wow, very nice looking city. The last Sim game I played was Sim City Societies, which isn't all that great.
I rarely even bother with subways, because traffic congestion is usually the least of my problems and the subways don't seem to have enough impact to be worth the cost. It looks like the real reason you have low traffic is because your city has so many roads. I've found that one more road in the right place usually has the greatest impact.
The last time I seriously played a Sim City game was Sim City 3000. Keep up the good work, it seems that you have the heart of a true city planner!
I'm ambitious, but not enough to actually build a city. I can do theme parks in 'Rollercoaster Tycoon' and houses while managing a family in 'The Sims' though. Good luck in your ventures!
What about your other screenshot?
@Torinir That was the idea. =)
@EarthboundX Never even heard of it. o.o;
@LordXenophon Nope it's really the subways that do it. If I took 'em out, all my streets would turn red -- Trust me, I tried it. The center of the map has really good traffic flow because of the way I set up the one-way streets, but mostly because it's all really wealthy big houses that take a lot of spaces so there's not actually a lot going on in the center. The right side of the map is a little worse but still not bad without subways. But left side is what was killing me. The upper left and lower left, especially, because of all the high-dense residential and industrial in their respective corners made the streets SOOOO busy.
@Bonemane I have Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, but I'm not into it as much. I get to play it every once in awhile, but meh not much else. It's also a bigger resource hog than Simcity.
Yeah it does hog alot of resources. I got Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum and after awhile mine crashes or does some sort of weird graphic glitch. There seems to be some sort of memory leak too cause it starts off using about 100-150 mb and at times when I've been forced to use the task manager I've seen it at 600+mb
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