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FRAPS Assistance?

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TheTot said...
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Hey guys, I bumped 50 people because I'd like as many people as possible to read this so I can hopefully finally get some help. I can't bump more than 50 as most of you should know, which is fine by me, but I'm really desperate to solve this problem so if you know anyone who may be able to help, please bump them about this.

As some of you may know I'm a bit of a FRAPS lover so to say. Frankly, if I had a better computer, I'd record every second of every game I play -- I enjoy it that much! I use FRAPS mostly to create my mash-up game clip videos on Youtube, and because I put another song over these clips I've never needed the actual game sound before. But I recently decided it'd be fun to do a video LP of a game called XIII, so for that I'd obviously need to record sound.

Unfortunately, when I turned FRAPS' sound recording options on, things didn't turn out great. I went ahead and recorded the first level without problem, then saved it and closed the game to watch the video I just recorded - You know, safety precautions. Glad I did, cause the sound was awful. I don't really want to say it's an echo, but it kind of is. The best way I can describe it, it sounds like FRAPS is just recording every sound twice. So it is kind of an echo.

I've tried everything I personally know of to fix this. Interestingly enough, I even tried turning off my sound card's output (so that I personally couldn't hear anything), and then playing the game for about twenty seconds. Watched the 20 second video (with the sound card output turned back on now, obviously), but not only did FRAPS still record the sound, it still had the echo-ey effect.

If you know anything about FRAPS or have it, here's how it's set:

Record sound on, "Detect best sound input"
Device: Xtreme Sound PCI (my only sound card)
Input: Stereo Mix (Which pretty much means "Whatever you hear")

I've tried messing around with I don't even know how many settings on the audio mixer, and my sound card's software. Nothing's fixed it. The thing is, though, I am almost positive this never happened on the sound card I had a few months ago (which I had to replace, because it stopped working altogether). So I'm probably 75% sure it's an issue with the sound card I have, I just can't figure it out.

Does ANYONE have ANYTHING they think could help? I'm willing to try out anything, even if you don't think it may help just suggest it.

Thanks ahead of time,


Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 18/NOV/03
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Lower the sensitivity on your microphone? It might be catching some feedback. :o
I don't have my microphone anywhere near me when I'm not using it. But I could try unplugging it altogether, just to try it.
Negatory, no effect.
Sorry, the only thing I could think of Torinir already brought up.
Sorry, I've never used FRAPS.
Well I've (apparently) fixed the problem, though I still don't exactly know that it was. That's right, I found a solution without knowing the problem haha.

But regardless, would anyone be interested in a video Let's Play by me?
What game? XIII?
For my first one, yes XIII unless anyone else has other suggestions. If it goes well, I'll definitely do more games.
Yeah, I'd check em out.
Sure, I'd check it out.
Just post them up and I'd check'em out :)
@colliny2k Already have two of them up. =) www.youtube.com/thetot
Woops, looks like I watched episode II first. It was pretty good though. Those guards sure are funny...guess they didn't know how to shoot. Of course as soon as the alarms went off they knew how, lol. :D
@colliny2k I haven't been able to upload anymore cause my internet got turned off a week ago! =( I made three more episodes while it was down, though, I plan on uploading them overnight. I've played ahead a little bit, and don't worry the game gets harder. xD
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