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TheTot's gameplay for Sonic Heroes (PC)

TheTot played Sonic Heroes

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TheTot said...
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Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date:
30 minutes
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You know, I never did beat that game. The special stages were murder.
I like it and all but I learned very quickly that it's possible the worst PC port ever. They didn't even change the games at all, they kept the X, Y, A, and B pictures and stuff in the game. They very obviously just took the xbox version and slapped it onto the PC. But oh well, not every PC port can be top quality. It's still bearable.
Heh. That's awfully lazy.
They did that with the Bionic Commando PC port too. It'll show Xbox 360 buttons, when you're playing with the keyboard and mouse.

The worst PC port I've played was Call of Cthulhu, its unbeatable for me, it kept crashing at a certain point, so it was impossible to continue.
@TheTot Sadly, a lot of pc ports lately are very lazy.
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