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TheTot's gameplay for Area 51 (PC)

TheTot played Area 51

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TheTot said...
No description entered yet...
Area 51

Area 51 (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 07/JUN/05
9 minutes
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You didn't pay for this did you? It's free now.
last time i checked Blacksite: Area 51 was free, the good one with David Ducovney and Marilyn Manson wasn't correct me if I'm wrong though.
Yeah, that's it, good game.
i didn't care for Bs:A51
Yes, I did pay for it o.o; It was ridiculously cheap though, five bucks, in this section of the store that was pretty much like "Buy this now or we're throwing it out."

I'd actually never heard of it before. I know of Black Site: Area 51, but I had no idea it had prequels and in fact still did not know this was a prequel to it before I got home with it and did some research.

I quite like it though.

And I would not be able to run Black Site: Area 51, so I wouldn't know about that one.
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